Progress Is Made.

1991 - TBC

This music isn’t GENRE specific, but it has a mix of all genres from hiphop,rock,rave etc

I love music with aggression, music that has power to change someones emotion, music that has a point, music that has musical reason to exist, i hate music that is made for mainstream accessibility EG: WESTLIFE,CHERYL COLE,JLS….

If you wish to get in contact about anything (gigs,remixes,releases)

Please get in touch through a message on here or my email..

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progressismade asked:

wow! thankyou! my girlfriend thinks the same about downfall and i’m meaning to get it out there and probably for a free download or whatever, my problem is that i’ve spent so long on production that i’ve got a collection of music i am thinking of releasing, maybe a free ep those tracks on it. I will keep up with the downfall release as i’ve got a dnb set on sunday so i’ll need to have produced a new version by then ;)

Do it man release an EP some real stuff there =) 

progressismade asked:

What a great comment to receive about my stuff! HIGHLY appreciated! :) I see you like all the retro classics too? awesome taste! feel free to ask me anything about my stuff or if you want me to keep you linked up with stuff i'm more than happy too send it your way!

Well im into many things so a big yes to that question =) if you have any other sounds any mixes any original songs i would love to hear. I shared your song with some of my friends and they think its pretty cool too =) so again keep going like this mate ^^

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